While electronic journals are now commonplace, they were in their infancy at the time of the founding of CNI. We worked with higher education institutions and publishers to develop some of the earliest e-journal projects. CNI is interested in the technical, intellectual property, stewardship, and economic issues related to e-journals. We also are interested in opportunities for new forms of scholarly communication in this medium; for example, the inclusion of interactive materials, multi-media, and links to data sets. E-journals are also a testing ground for new forms of peer review.

Recent Publications/Reports/Presentations by CNI Staff

“Shape of the Scientific Article in the Developing Cyberinfrastructure” (August '07) Author: Clifford A. Lynch

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“Improving Access to Research Results” (October '06) Author: Clifford A. Lynch

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Recent Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

Publishing Ada: A Retrospective Look at the First Three Years of an Open Peer Review Multi-modal Journal (April '15)

Karen Estlund, University of Oregon
Sarah Hamid, University of Oregon
Bryce Peake, Intel Labs / University of Oregon


What Price Open Access? (April '15)

Stuart Shieber, Harvard University
Ralf Schimmer, Max Planck Digital Library
Ivy Anderson, California Digital Library


e-Journal Archiving: Changing Landscape (December '14)

Oya Y. Rieger, Cornell University Library
Lars Bjørnshauge, SPARC Europe & DOAJ
Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University Library & Public Knowledge Project (PKP)
Bernie Reilly, Center for Research Libraries


Monograph Purchasing Trends in Research Libraries: Did Electronic Journals Really Destroy the University Press? (March '14)

Elisabeth A. Jones, University of Michigan


Expanding E-Journal Preservation: Developing and Promoting Methods for Community Implementation (November '13)

Robert Wolven, Columbia University
Oya Rieger, Cornell University


Recent Videos

Extending Access to Scholarly Resources: JSTOR’s Alumni Program (December '12) Bruce Heterick, JSTOR
Susan Gibbons, Yale University
Damon Jaggars, Columbia University
Molly Tamarkin, Duke University View more information
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Preservation Status of e-Resources: A Potential Crisis in Electronic Journal Preservation (December '11) Oya Y. Rieger, Cornell University
Robert Wolven, Columbia University View more information
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Recent Podcasts

April 29, 2012: Big Data, E-Journals, ID Mgt, Text Mining, & more (May '12) CNI Conversations Podcast, April 29, 2012
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