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Video: Paying for Long-Term Storage

Paying for Long-Term Storage, a project briefing session presented at CNI’s fall 2011 membership meeting by David Rosenthal (LOCKSS Program, Stanford University), is now available on CNI’s two video channels:

Vimeo:  http://vimeo.com/37688998

Previously-released videos from CNI’s fall 2011 meeting:
-An Overview of the National Science Foundation DataNet Funded Sustainable Environments-Actionable Data Project (Margaret Hedstrom, Robert H. McDonald)
-Online Video Creation by Undergraduates: Consequences for Media Literacy (Anu Vedantham, Renee Hobbs)
-Preservation Status of e-Resources: A Potential Crisis in Electronic Journal Preservation (Oya Y. Rieger, Robert Wolven)
-Five New Paradigms for Science & Academia & an Intro to DataOne (Closing Plenary, William Michener)
-Big Data Becomes Fashionable, Mobile Devices Reshape the Information Ecology: CNI’s View on 2011 and 2012 (Opening Plenary, Clifford Lynch)

All videos from CNI are available on CNI’s video channels:  YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/cnivideo) and Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/channels/cni).

JISC Report: Value and Benefits of Text Mining

Our friends at the UK JISC have just issued a very useful new report titled “Value and Benefits of Text Mining” which looks at some of the early applications of text mining, particularly in the context of the scholarly literature, and the technical, economic, and legal barriers to large scale use of text mining technologies. Of particular interest is the analysis of text mining as a means of accelerating innovation and discovery across a wide range of sectors and some of the related economic considerations. The coverage of copyright here actually include a discussion of possible future changes in copyright law  (perhaps in the context of the Hargreaves review of intellectual property law that is under discussion in the UK) to facilitate text mining technologies.

The report can be found at


A press release containing useful information is also available.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI

Data Management Focus Group Update

An update from University of North Texas.
Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our call for participants in the Data Management Focus Group at the CNI Spring Membership Meeting. Unfortunately, the session is now full.

Other ways you can contribute to this research include:

·         Participate in the DataRes Survey. This 15-minute online survey about the role of university libraries in supporting researchers will help shape recommendations for the future of data management in research libraries.  https://unt.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0vJUxsa8smqTeDi
·         Attend the Open Access Symposium. This year’s conference brings together key stakeholders from industry, academic research, funding agencies, and publishing to explore the implications of emerging trends in research data access, preservation, and management.  http://openaccess.unt.edu/
·         Submit a Paper to the Data Res Symposium. A half-day open conference, the DataRes Symposium will provide a forum for peer-reviewed papers and discussion concerning the future of research data management in the LIS field. The symposium will be held on Monday, December 10th, 2012 in Washington D.C., as a pre-conference to the December CNI Membership Meeting.  http://research.library.unt.edu/datares/wiki/Datares_symposium

We also welcome volunteers for individual interviews.

Please visit http://datamanagement.unt.edu for more information about our ongoing research.

Thank you again for your interest.

Best Regards,

Spencer D. C. Keralis
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of North Texas Libraries
Council on Library & Information Resources
(940) 369-6884 | spencer.keralis@unt.edu
The DataRes Project  | @DataRes
UNT’s Open Access Symposium | @OASymposium

UNT Symposium – Research Data Management

At CNI we have been focusing on the topic of research data management as a key priority for the past few years.  This workshop, hosted by University of North Texas, has an impressive line-up of speakers and should be very useful to those seeking perspectives in this area.

Joan Lippincott


I am writing to announce an upcoming symposium on May 21, 2012 concerning the emerging landscape of research data management and strategies for ensuring that publicly funded research remain openly accessible to the public.  The 3rd Annual Symposium on Open Access (http://openaccess.unt.edu/symposium/2012) will be held at the University of North Texas in the Dallas area; registration is open on a first come basis.  Please see attached flyer for more information; feel free to post or forward this information.  Apologies for cross-posting.

The keynote for this symposium will be Dr. Myron Gutmann, head of the NSF directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences.  Additional presenters will include:

·        Dr. José-Marie Griffiths (Provost of Bryant University and chair of the National Science Board Committee on Strategy and Budget Task Force on Data Policies, http://www.nsf.gov/nsb/publications/2011/nsb1124.pdf)
·        Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier (Vice President of Research at the University of Oklahoma and co-founder of the NSF Science and Technology Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms)
·        Dr. Robert Hanisch (Director of the International Virtual Astronomy Observatory)
·        Brian E. C. Schottlaender (University Librarian at University of California, San Diego)
·        Sayeed Choudhury (Associate Dean for Research Data Management and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University)
·        Allen Renear (Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GSLIS)
·        Michael Hulsey (Immunocytometry Systems Group of Becton Dickinson Biosciences, the largest vendor of cytometry equipment in the world)

For more information see website at http://openaccess.unt.edu/symposium/2012 or email shannon.stark@unt.edu

Best regards,

Martin Halbert, PhD, MLIS
Dean of Libraries and Associate Professor
University of North Texas, 1155 Union Circle #305190, Denton, TX, 76203
(ph)    940-565-3025   (web)  http://dean.library.unt.edu

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
– Martin Luther King

ETD 2012 – Call for proposals

The next Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) conference will be held in Lima, Peru on September 12-14, 2012.  Please consider submitting a proposal for a conference session.  I will be presenting a keynote talk at the conference.

Joan Lippincott
The theme of ETD 2012 is “Integrating cultures for the creation and sharing of knowledge – providing opportunities for the future”.  Our goal is to explore and share opportunities between representatives from Ibero American and other countries around the world, in order to exchange experiences and knowledge on scholarly communications projects related to the topics considered in the ETD 2012 program.
The program will include technical papers, plenary keynote and panel sessions, workshops and poster presentations about the following topics:

  • Digital preservation
  • Copyright / Intellectual property
  • Institutional Repositories
  • ETD policies and programs
  • Technological developments in ETD and institutional repositories
  • Digital libraries and information technology
  • National and international collaboration
  • ETD Multimedia
  • Data Curation
  • Interoperability and union catalog collections

If you are interested in presenting a paper, power point presentation, or contributing a panel or poster session, please visit the proposal submission Web site at http://www.etd2012.edu.pe/en/presentacion-trabajos/index.asp

The preliminary program as well as speakers and other relevant information are available at the conference Web site www.etd2012.edu.pe. We hope you will consider participating in this important international digital library venue and you will join us for an engaging experience at ETD 2012 as well as the incredible “once in a lifetime” experiences that Peruvian culture has to offer. Machu Picchu, Lima and many other sights are waiting for you, and so are we!  For more information please send your requests to
Liliana Eléspuru (etd2012@gmail.com)
Libio Huaroto (etd2012@gmail.com)
Co-Chairs, ETD 2012 Conference Organizing Committee

ETD 2012 Website – www.etd2012.edu.pe/

Preview CNI’s Spring Mtg in latest Conversations

The latest CNI Conversations podcast (http://wp.me/p1LncT-277) offers a preview of the CNI Spring 2012 Membership Meeting, including brief discussions of general meeting themes, and descriptions of plenary sessions and selected project briefings.

CNI’s spring membership meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD on April 2-3, 2012.  Visit www.cni.org/mm/spring-2012/ for more information.

LSC Webinar – Athenaeum at Goucher College

A number of cni-announce subscribers have told me that they have benefited from the Learning Spaces Collaboratory webinar series.  Here is information about the next one.  (I am on the advisory board of this group.)
–Joan Lippincott


Please join us for an opportunity to explore The Athenaeum at Goucher College, which is “a high-tech library, a public forum, classrooms, a café, an art gallery, a radio station, a center for community service places to meet and converse, and many other spaces—all in one.” The webinar is at 4pm EDT on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

The webinar will be facilitated by Goucher colleagues:
·         Sanford Unger, President
·         Marc Roy, Provost
·         Linda Barone, Project Manager, Facilities Management Services
·         Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian

This will be an interactive webinar; you will have opportunity to learn and ask: about the process of setting a ‘something different’ vision for the facility; about an integrated planning process involving administrative leaders, faculty, librarians, facilities officers and others; about how they know the building works for learners; and about what difference the Athenaeum is making for the community and culture that is Goucher.

Registration (for a fee) information is available at  http://www.pkallsc.org/events/188


Jeanne L. Narum
The Independent Colleges Office, Director
Learning Spaces Collaboratory, Principal
1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW – Suite 409
Washington, DC, 20036
P: (202) 232-1300

Video: An Overview of the NSF DataNet Funded SEAD Project

An Overview of the National Science Foundation DataNet Funded Sustainable Environments-Actionable Data Project, a project briefing session presented at CNI’s fall 2011 membership meeting by Margaret Hedstrom of the University of Michigan, and Robert McDonald of Indiana University, is now available on CNI’s two video channels:

YouTube:  http://youtu.be/pFVJ4MadmeA
Vimeo:  http://vimeo.com/37284117

Previously-released videos from CNI’s fall 2011 meeting:
-Online Video Creation by Undergraduates: Consequences for Media Literacy (Anu Vedantham, Renee Hobbs)
-Preservation Status of e-Resources: A Potential Crisis in Electronic Journal Preservation (Oya Y. Rieger, Robert Wolven)
-Five New Paradigms for Science & Academia & an Intro to DataOne (Closing Plenary, William Michener)
-Big Data Becomes Fashionable, Mobile Devices Reshape the Information Ecology: CNI’s View on 2011 and 2012 (Opening Plenary, Clifford Lynch)

All videos from CNI are available on CNI’s video channels:  YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/cnivideo) and Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/channels/cni).

Call for Participation: CNI Workshop On Scholarly Identity, April 4, Baltimore

Call For Participation
The Management of Scholarly Identity
A CNI Workshop
April 4, 2012 (following the CNI Spring Member Meeting)
Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland

10AM – 3PM

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) is hosting an invitational workshop for organizations actively involved in developing systems, services, databases, standards or policy frameworks addressing author identity management within the academy and the scholarly communication systems.  The purpose of this workshop is to understand and coordinate developments in historically independent spheres that involve the management of authorial identity, publication histories, and other parts of academic biography (for example, grants awarded to faculty); in the new digital scholarly communications environment there is at least potential convergence among many of these activities. A particular focus of the workshop will be to identify work that can help information to move more effectively across the many different silos in this area. Here are some of the relevant threads:

A number of proposals for author identifiers have now largely coalesced into the ORCID initiative, which remains very much a work in progress; there are also international standards efforts (which seem to have rather different objectives) under development. This work is not yet well connected to the increasingly widely deployed campus identity management efforts employing Shibboleth and organized under InCommon.

It has become clear that authors need to take control of their personal bibliographic record, and that this record is increasingly important as input to tenure and promotion (through the use of both long-standing and new measures of scholarly impact); this record lives in a number of systems, including Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Microsoft Research Academic, to name only a few. The mechanisms to make authenticated corrections to this record are very poor, and such changes do not automatically propagate from one system to another.  A variety of other systems – research library institutional repositories, research management information systems, faculty social networking systems, and others – also need feeds of personal bibliographic records as they evolve.

National and international library name authority has been almost entirely focused on authors of books; it is clearly going to have to expand its scope to other forms of creative expression. With the development of institutional repositories research libraries are re-inventing name authority control for their local authors; this trend is further accelerated by various funder or institutional open-access mandates. All of this work needs to be connected to the developing author ID systems.

Universities and other organizations are starting wide scale deployment of a new generation of research management systems and faculty profile management systems (often migrating from ad-hoc, locally developed systems to the adoption of common platforms like Kuali Coeus and Vivo) that involve management of faculty biographies and bibliographies, and need to be able to cross institutional boundaries for a number of purposes.  As a byproduct, we also have emerging opportunities to create new kinds of dictionaries of national biography for research communities.

CNI has been tracking developments in this area for some time, and held an earlier workshop on closely related issues in 2007. However, a great deal has changed over the past five years, and it is time for a fresh examination of the issues.

In order to have a productive discussion, the size of the workshop is limited. Prospective participants should contact CNI Associate Director Joan Lippincott (Joan@cni.org) as soon as possible with a few paragraphs on their interests and relevant work that they are doing in this area; unless otherwise requested, these will be shared with other participants and become part of the public conference report that CNI will prepare. Selected attendees will be asked to give brief presentations based on these submissions.

CNI will provide conference facilities, refreshments, and lunch; travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the participants. As we accept participants, we’ll provide more detailed logistical information.

Designing Libraries for the 21st Century Conference – U. Calgary

Dear CNI News readers:

I have been involved with the planning for this University of Calgary Taylor Family Digital Library conference, and Tom Hickerson, Vice Provost & University Librarian and I believe we have put together a rich program for administrators involved in developing new library spaces. Information on registration (for a fee) can be found at the URL below.

You may also be interested in a video of a presentation by Tom and his colleague Shawna Sadler from the Spring 2011 membership meeting; it is available at:


I hope to see you in Calgary!

Joan Lippincott


Designing Libraries for the 21st Century

May 16-18, 2012

University of Calgary

Program and Registration


The Taylor Family Digital Library, which opened in September 2011 at the University of Calgary, offered a unique opportunity to rethink the library’s physical space, technology infrastructure, and program of services.

In this leadership symposium, we will explore the trends and concepts shaping the design and services of this library and other 21st century libraries, learning centres and specialized library spaces.  Speakers will include library and university administrators, architects, designers, technologists, and campus planners from Calgary and across North America.

Symposium sessions will include:

  • Realizing the Vision
  • Creating Spaces for Learning
  • Planning for New Buildings on Campus
  • Rethinking Library Space: The Academic, Information and Technology Contexts
  • The Architect’s Perspective
  • Designing Specialized Spaces in Libraries
  • In Conversation – One Building: Multiple Perspectives
  • Technologies: Pushing the Boundaries
  • A Year or Two Later – Lessons Learned

This will be of interest to academic administrators, librarians, technologists, architects, and designers.

This conference is being co-organized by:

Tom Hickerson                                                                    Joan K. Lippincott
Vice Provost & University Librarian                        Associate Executive Director
University of Calgary                                                Coalition for Networked Information

For information, please contact:
Donna Livingstone, Communications Director
Libraries & Cultural Resources, University of Calgary

403-220-3511     livingsd@ucalgary.ca

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