Video: Wikipedia and Libraries: What’s the Connection?

Wikipedia and Libraries: What’s the Connection?, a project briefing presented at CNI’s fall 2012 membership meeting by Merrilee Proffitt of OCLC and Sara Snyder of the Smithsonian Institution, is now available on CNI’s two video channels:


Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/61522767

This presentations examines how OCLC Research, Smithsonian Institution, and others are connecting researchers to unique materials through Wikipedia; it highlights the special role library data can play in Wikipedia, examines how Wikipedia data may be useful to libraries and scholarly institutions, introduces Wikipedia’s GLAM-Wiki initiative, and includes discussion about ways that information professionals can work collaboratively with the World’s Largest Free Encyclopedia.

Presentation webpage: http://www.cni.org/topics/digital-libraries/wikipedia-libraries-connection/

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