CNI alerts its community to our organizational activities, significant new publications, and important developments in the field via various channels:

    Low-volume announcement-only electronic forum for obtaining information about the activities and programs of CNI, and events and documents of interest to the CNI community; open to all
  • CNI News RSS
    An alternative access method for the same information available from from CNI-ANNOUNCE; browse online, or point your newsreader to http://www.cni.org/news/feed/
  • Twitter (twitter.com/cni_org)
    Serves as a complement to other communication channels; membership meeting attendees often report on sessions using Twitter
  • Videos
    Selected sessions from CNI membership meetings are publicly available from CNI’s YouTube and Vimeo channels
  • Executive Roundtable Reports
    Held at CNI’s semi-annual membership meetings, Executive Roundtables bring together a group of campus partners, usually senior library and information technology leaders, to discuss a key digital information topic and its strategic implications.
  • CNI Conversations Podcast
    Reports & commentary on current topics from CNI leadership
  • Historical Resources
    These materials represent some of CNI’s past work. These files are no longer maintained; they are intended for historical purposes.
Last updated:  Thursday, November 6th, 2014