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February 10, 2011

Audio Recording [mp3 21:12 min.] February 10, 2011

CNI Conversations is now offered in a podcast-only format.  The original conference call format has been discontinued (though may be used again in the future); instead, CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch will provide periodic 20-30 minute updates on issues of interest to the CNI community beginning with the February 10, 2011 podcast.

In the February 10, 2011 podcast, Cliff talks about the National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) call for white papers that propose ideas for the SBE sciences for 2020.  Cliff also discusses the 2011 Personal Digital Archiving conference, as well as issues surrounding e-books.

We hope you enjoy this program and we welcome your feedback.  For questions or comments related to CNI Conversations, please contact CNI Associate Executive Director Joan Lippincott at joan@cni.org.

December 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 35:03 min.] December 16, 2010

The Dec. 2010 session of CNI Conversations featured a recap of the recent CNI Membership Meeting by Executive Director Clifford Lynch.  Cliff also discussed the 6th International Digital Curation Conference, as well as the 2010-2011 CNI Program Plan, and The Next Twenty Years, a CNI project at the 20-year mark.

November 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 54:46 min.] November 18, 2010

During the November 2010 session of CNI Conversations, CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch previews the plenary sessions and some of the project briefings to be presented at the upcoming CNI Fall Membership Meeting, he discusses the 2011 Personal Digital Archiving Conference, and LC’s recent invitational NDIIPP meeting on citizen journalism.  Joan Lippincott reports on the PKAL Learning Spaces Collaboratory, and questions include a recent New York Times piece on digital humanities and the recent Internet2 meeting.

October 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 58:02 min.] October 22, 2010

During the October 2010 session of CNI Conversations, CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch discusses the NSF data management requirements, as well as the National Academy’s updated report on the future of higher education, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5, and ARL’s 2030 Scenario User’s Guide. Cliff also talks about other NSF activities (such as the Campus Bridging Task Force of the Office of Cyberinfrastructure), and archiving of social media.

Associate Director Joan Lippincott discusses coordination between space planning initiatives and curriculum and learning objectives, and PKAL’s new program, the Learning Spaces Collaboratory. Queries involved the proposed budgetary cuts to higher education in the UK, and the organization The Quilt.

September 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 47:50 min.] September 14, 2010

In the September 2010 CNI Conversations, Executive Director Clifford Lynch discusses the Dear Colleague Letter from the National Science Foundation (NSF) requesting comments regarding big challenges and new opportunities for the social, behavioral, and economic sciences, and he reports on a meeting of the NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure Campus Bridging Task Force, a group charged with examining the coordination between national level resources and investments made by individual campuses. Cliff also discusses the status of the UK data service and the Wolfram Data Summit. Joan Lippincott reports on the new EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) assessment project, Evidence of Impact.

July 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 1:06:46 hr.] July 15, 2010

In the July 2010 CNI Conversations, Executive Director Cliff Lynch and Associate Director Joan Lippincott provide a recap of the JISC/CNI Edinburgh conference; sessions on e-science, “digging into data challenge projects,” special collections, institutional strategies for digital content, and services for users of mobile devices were highlighted. Cliff also discussed the IATUL conference and the Microsoft research meeting. Joan Lippincott gave a summary of an article on the current status of electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) programs in the US that she and Cliff co-authored and that will appear soon in the ARL publication RLI (issue 270).

May 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 1:01:53 hr.] May 27, 2010

During the May 2010 session of CNI Conversations, CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch discusses a recent meeting on computer forensics and cultural heritage, as well as a symposium at the University of North Texas dealing with a campus policy on open access. Cliff also talks about the Sage Bionetworks Congress held in April 2010, to establish the foundation for the new public domain resource, the Sage Commons.

Associate Director Joan Lippincott provides an overview of her talk at the upcoming Electronic Theses and Dissertations conference (Austin, TX, June 2010), in which she will speak on how library and IT units can better support students at the thesis or dissertation stage. Questions were asked about the Center for Studies in Higher Education meeting on peer review, and the data management plan recently mandated by the National Science Foundation as part of grants.

April 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 1:01:11 hr.] April 15, 2010

The April 2010 CNI Conversations includes a recap of the CNI Spring 2010 Membership Meeting by CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch and Associate Director Joan Lippincott. Cliff also discusses the recent announcement by the Library of Congress to archive the Twitter database, an event on sustainable digital preservation held in Washington, DC on April 1st, and the e-journals summits convened by the National Academies. Questions include state of e-books with the advent of the iPad.

March 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 58:01 min.] March 10, 2010

The March 2010 CNI Conversations includes a quick overview of the upcoming CNI Spring 2010 Membership Meeting, by CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch.  Cliff provides brief descriptions of the plenaries and some of the breakout sessions.  Cliff also discusses the recent Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) meeting as well as the IMLS-sponsored WebWise conference.  Scientific collections and personal archives are also covered.  Questions include confidential material in email archives and cloud computing for libraries.

February 2010

Audio Recording [mp3 55:13 min.] February 10, 2010

During the February 2010 session of CNI Conversations, CNI Executive Director Clifford Lynch discussed the report from UC Berkeley on faculty and scholarly communication, subject repositories, and Associate Director Joan Lippincott reported on the recent EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) meeting.  Cliff also discussed the plenary sessions planned for the spring 2010 CNI Membership Meeting in April and talked about the landscape of gaming in higher education teaching and learning.

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