Identity Management

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Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

The Future of Organization Identifiers (March '16)

Laure Haak, ORCID
Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref
Patricia Cruse, DataCite


Challenges Presented by Institutional Identifiers (April '15)

Karen Smith-Yoshimura, OCLC Research


A Decade In: Assessing the Impacts and Futures of Internet Identity (December '14)

Ken Klingenstein, Internet2


The Evolution of VIVO Software, Standards, and Open-Source Community: Project Update (December '14)

Layne M. Johnson, DuraSpace


Integrating ORCID Researcher Identifiers Into Repository Workflows (March '14)

Laure Haak, ORCID
Ann Campion Riley, University of Missouri
Michael Witt, Purdue University


Integrating Researcher Identifiers into University and Library Systems (March '14)

Micah Altman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Karen Smith-Yoshimura, OCLC Research


Internet Identity Update: From Social to Scholar (November '13)

Kenneth Klingenstein, Internet2


Developments in Scholarly Identity Management (March '13)

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
David Millman, New York University
Laurel L. Haak, ORCID
Neil Jacobs, Jisc
Dean B. Krafft, Cornell University


Building an Archival Identity Management Network: Transforming Archival Practice and Historical Research (December '12)

Daniel Pitti, University of Virginia
Brian Tingle, California Digital Library
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information


Federated Identity with a Side of Scholar (March '12)

Renee Shuey, Pennsylvania State University
Kenneth Klingenstein, Internet2


ORCID Update (December '11)

Geoff Bilder, ORCID and CrossRef
Amy Brand, Harvard University


Building from Bedrock: Tailoring Technology to Collaboration (April '11)

Ken Klingenstein, Internet2


ORCID: The Open Researcher and Contributor ID Registry (April '11)

MacKenzie Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


InCommon: Growing into the Future (April '10)

Kevin Morooney, Pennsylvania State University


The Internet2 Research and Development Agenda (December '09)

Randall Frank, Internet2


The Next Wave of Federated Stuff and the Role of Libraries in the Stuffing Recipe (April '09)

Kenneth J. Klingenstein, Internet2 and University of Colorado, Boulder


ResearcherID: First Year Update (April '09)

Reynold Guida, Thomson Reuters


NSF Middleware Initiative Update (April '02)

Michael Gettes, Georgetown University


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