New Video: ‘Linked Data for Libraries’

Linked Data for Libraries: Why Should We Care? Where Should We Start, a project briefing session presented at CNI’s spring 2012 membership meeting, by Jennifer Bowen (U. of Rochester) and Philip E. Schreur (Stanford University) is now available on CNI’s two video channels:



Linked data is poised to replace MARC as the basis for the new library bibliographic framework. For libraries to fully benefit from linked data, they must learn about it, experiment with it, demonstrate its usefulness, and take a leadership role in its deployment. The eXtensible Catalog Organization (XCO) facilitates these activities by providing open-source software for libraries that is “linked-data-ready”. XC software prepares MARC and Dublin Core metadata for exposure to the Semantic Web using a platform based upon the OAI-PMH protocol, incorporating registered vocabularies for Resource Description and Access (RDA) elements and roles, and enabling the creation of linked data that represents Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) Group 1 entities. XC can play a key role in transitioning libraries from their current record-based system infrastructure to linked data by facilitating the repurposing of metadata, without disrupting existing business processes.

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Last updated:  Thursday, May 2nd, 2013