Learning Space Toolkit released

I have been on the advisory group for this innovative project that I think will be of great assistance to many of our members.  Please check it out and send comments and examples to the Toolkit Team (see instructions below).
–Joan Lippincott, CNI
We are happy to announce the release of the first half of the Learning Space Toolkit (http://learningspacetoolkit.org). Roadmap, Needs Assessment and Services content has been posted with the rest coming soon. The Toolkit will be complete by November.
The Learning Space Toolkit is a freely available resource designed to support the full lifecycle of a learning space design project, from defining the goals and needs to designing the space to supporting it. By using the Toolkit, institutions will be better equipped to orchestrate the planning process so that learners are better supported and spaces, technology, and services are effective. Watch this video (http://youtu.be/bjd8TQnXm5E) for an overview. Also watch for an Educause ELI webinar on the Toolkit on November 19.

Please check out the Toolkit and send us your ideas and reactions. What’s not there that you would like to see? What elements could be more useful if they included something else? There are Feedback links on the website or you can email us directly at info@learningspacetoolkit.org.
We are also interested in hearing about your institution’s informal learning spaces. Please submit one or more of your spaces for consideration as featured examples in the Toolkit. If you would like to nominate an excellent space that we shouldn’t overlook, please fill out this survey (http://bit.ly/lstkspaces) to let us know (or email us at info@learningspacetoolkit.org).
Thank you,
The Learning Space Toolkit Team
NCSU Libraries and DELTA, brightspot strategy, DEGW

Pacific Neighborhood/Electronic Cultural Atlas Meeting, Berkeley, Dec 7-9, 2012

This is quite a special meeting that I’ve been fortunate to attend a few times over the years, and I’m honored to be doing one of the keynotes this year. ECAI has a long history of groundbreaking, intellectually challenging and important work, and I’m sure a good deal of it will be featured here.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI


2012 PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
University of California Berkeley, California, December 7-9, 2012 (Friday – Sunday)

Submission Deadline:  July 31, 2012

Invitation to Participate
It’s our pleasure to announce that the 2012 PNC Annual Conference and Joint meetings will be held in Berkeley from December 7th to 9th.  The conference is being hosted by ECAI (Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative) and the School of Information at UC Berkeley with the collaboration of the UC Berkeley East Asian Library.

Since ECAI is the primary host of the meeting this year we will be integrating ECAI participation into the entire conference.
The conference theme is “New Horizons: Information Technology connecting Culture, Community, Time, and Place”.

Looking to the future, supporting collaboration and shared knowledge, this year’s conference will encourage participants to explore several streams of interest and discover relationships between them.

The proposed streams include:
Collaboration – Building a Collaborative Research Universe – collaboration tools and knowledge integration
Community – Digital humanities and social sciences in the interest of society
Virtual Cultural Information Management – Visualization, Analysis, and Interaction – 3D data, multimedia, and virtual museums
Digital Text – New horizons in text integration, analysis, and visualization
Cultural Atlases – Integration, Visualization and Complexity –   regions, themes, and change over time
Open Knowledge – Sharing Cultural Heritage – Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, and related technologies

Further information on the program and proposed panels can be found on the ECAI website at: http://ecai.org/activities/PNC2012

Since its initiation in 1993, the annual PNC Conference has become a key meeting for access to digital research on the Pacific Rim. It is a forum for interaction between scholars, technicians, librarians, museum professionals, educators and anyone working with cultural materials and technology.  Please join us at Berkeley in December to learn the latest development in this fascinating field.

General Contact and send submissions to: ECAI@berkeley.edu
Hui Nie, ECAI, UC Berkeley

Report from CNI Roundtable on Multiple Devices and Platforms available

We have just posted a report on the Executive Roundtable that was held at the Spring CNI meeting on April 2, 2012.  The topic was Multiple Devices and Platforms:  Institutional Strategies.  Teams representing senior level library and IT organizations from 11 institutions described their development of priorities, policies, and strategies related to the multiplicity of devices that members of university communities are bringing to campus.  The report summarizes the discussion and includes perspectives on overall strategies, campus wireless infrastructure, security issues, and geospatially-aware applications and services.  The report is available at:


Joan Lippincott

New Podcast: Mobile Technologies; Future of the Web

In the latest CNI Conversations podcast (http://wp.me/p1LncT-2jn), recorded May 10, CNI Associate Director Joan Lippincott discusses mobile technologies, including a brief description of the executive roundtable that took place at CNI’s Spring 2012 Membership Meeting.  CNI Director Clifford Lynch reports on a workshop on the future of the Web.

ELI survey for annual meeting – deadline May 11

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) invites subscribers to CNI News to vote on the selection of the content anchors for its 2013 Annual Meeting <http://www.educause.edu/eli/events>

Please vote at http://tinyurl.com/elianchors

Every year, the ELI consults with the community to identify these content anchors. These anchors play a major role in determining the content of the ELI Annual Meeting as they will guide the selection of presentations, the solicitation of presenters, and the topic areas for general and featured session speakers. We use them to help us organize other ELI events such as webinars and focus sessions.

We also think that this crowd-sourced list represents an important consensus across the community about what’s of foremost importance in our profession.  We will share the results of the voting back to this list.

The survey is super short, so please participate! Deadline is close of business May 11th.

8th International Data Curation Conference, January 14-16, 2013, Amsterdam

I’m delighted to share the announcement and call for papers for the 8th International Digital Curation Conference, which is being held in January 2013 (in recent years, it had been held in December) and to note that CNI is once again a co-sponsor of this outstanding meeting. Also, please note that this year the conference scope has been expanded substantially; previous meetings had placed a very strong emphasis on the curation of scientific data, while IDCC 2013 will look very broadly across the curation of data supporting all disciplines.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI


Infrastructure,Intelligence,Innovation:driving the Data Science agenda
8th International Digital Curation Conference 2013 (IDCC13)
14-16 January 2013
Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
IDCC brings together those who create and manage data and information, those who use it and those who research and teach about curation processes. Our view of ‘data’ is a broad one – video games and virtual worlds are of just as much interest as data from laboratory instruments or field observation. Whether the information originates in the arts, humanities, social or experimental sciences the issues faced are cross-disciplinary. Digital curators maintain, preserve, and add value to digital information throughout its life, reducing threats to its long-term value, mitigating the risk of digital obsolescence, and enhancing the potential for reuse for all purposes. If you are a curator, if you teach or train future curators, or if you depend on them for your work, IDCC is for you.

Call for Papers
The IDCC11 Programme Committee invites submissions to the 8th International Digital Curation Conference that reflect our conference theme. Our theme recognises that in recent years there has been an explosion in the amount of data available, whether from tweets to blogs, data from sensors through to “citizen science”, government data, health and genome data and social survey data. Technology allows us to treat as ‘data’ content which would not once have merited the term – recordings of speech or song, video of dance or theatre or animal behaviour – and to treat as quantitative what once could only be qualitative. There are challenges in finding data and making it findable, in the ability to use it effectively, to take and understand data, to process, to analyse and extract value from data , to visualize data and then to communicate the stories behind it.

This process is now being termed data science. It is being used across sectors to describe a wide range of data activities in the commercial, government and academic sectors dealing with information whose primary purpose is often not research-related. Activities are not discipline-specific; in fact data science is being described in some quarters as a new discipline.

The Call for Papers including a list of topics can be found at:
Submissions will be accepted from 4 June 2012

Sent on behalf of IDCC13 Programme Committee
Co-chaired by Kevin Ashley – Director of the Digital Curation Centre
(DCC), Liz Lyon – Associate Director of the DCC and Clifford Lynch,
Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Bridget Robinson
Information Officer
DCC Community Development
UKOLN, University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
Tel: + 44 (0) 1225 383343
Email: b.r.robinson@ukoln.ac.uk
Web site:http:www.dcc.ac.uk

Cliff Lynch's Windsor Lecture Now Online

Audio of Cliff Lynch’s talk Memory Organizations & Evidence to Support Scholarship in the 21st Century is now available from http://www.lis.illinois.edu/newsroom/lectures.

The talk was presented as part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GSLIS Windsor Lecture Series. The Windsor Lecture honors the career of Dr. Phineas L. Windsor, who served as director of the University of Illinois Library and the Library School from 1909 to 1940.

See http://www.lis.illinois.edu/events/2012/04/17/windsor-lecture-clifford-lynch for more information.

Cliff Lynch’s Windsor Lecture Now Online

Audio of Cliff Lynch’s talk Memory Organizations & Evidence to Support Scholarship in the 21st Century is now available from http://www.lis.illinois.edu/newsroom/lectures.

The talk was presented as part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GSLIS Windsor Lecture Series. The Windsor Lecture honors the career of Dr. Phineas L. Windsor, who served as director of the University of Illinois Library and the Library School from 1909 to 1940.

See http://www.lis.illinois.edu/events/2012/04/17/windsor-lecture-clifford-lynch for more information.

New Video: 'Reinventing the Research University' by James Duderstadt

Reinventing the Research University to Serve a Changing World, the opening plenary from CNI’s spring 2012 membership meeting, by James J. Duderstadt, is now available on CNI’s two video channels:

YouTube:  http://goo.gl/sfycM
Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/41324942

Duderstadt is President Emeritus at the University of Michigan, he chaired the National Academies committee that published the key 2002 report Preparing for the Revolution:  Information Technology and the Future of the Research University, and he is a member of the Academies committee studying the future of the research university.  In this talk, Duderstandt discusses the social and technological trends driving the restructuring of higher education, the future role of the research university, and the changing understandings of teaching and learning, scholarship, and engagement.

Look for more announcements soon on videos of other sessions from the spring 2012 CNI meeting, including Phillip Long’s closing plenary talk Key Trends in Teaching & Learning:  Aligning What We Know About Learning to Today’s Learners.

To see all videos available from CNI, visit CNI’s video channels on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/cnivideo) and Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/channels/cni).

UK Eduserve Symposium on Big Data Being Streamed on May 10, 2012

Andy Powell of Eduserve has just let me know that their 2012 Symposium, “Big Data, Big Deal?” will be live streamed on May 10, 2012. I understand that the video will also be archived for later demand viewing.

Information on this very interesting symposium is at


Live stream: http://live.eduserv.org.uk/

Worldwide timings: http://www.eduserv.org.uk/newsandevents/events/2012/symposium#streaming

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI

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