Transforming Organizations, Professions, & Individuals

The pervasive nature of digital content and networks has led to transformations in the way the research and education community does its work. In this program area, we focus on the impact of changing technologies, new modes of communication and content creation, and the pervasiveness of digital content on organizations, including the changing nature of teaching and learning, the need for new services and skills in the professions, and the pressure on physical facilities to accommodate changing needs of user communities. CNI has a longstanding commitment to highlighting and advancing organizational initiatives that facilitate collaborations across institutional units and professional cultures, with particular emphasis on collaboration between librarians and information technologists. We have also tried to extend the core library-information technology collaboration to encompass instructional technologists, faculty, publishers, electronic records managers, archivists, research managers and others. Our work on organizational and institutional issues includes a focus on evaluation and assessment strategies, recognizing the continuing need to understand the effects and contributions of advanced information technology and digital content.

We are monitoring a number of new developments in this area, including some of the implications of MOOCs, new models for e-textbook development and acquisition, and the growing importance of high-quality institutional databases of geo-referencing information.

Last updated:  Thursday, August 13th, 2015