Fostering A Graduate Research Community with Digital Scholarship Programs and Services

Andrew Bonamici
Associate University Librarian, Media and Instructional Services
University of Oregon

Karen Estlund
Head, Digital Scholarship Center
University of Oregon

A campus-wide network of graduate students, faculty, staff, administrators, and service providers at the University of Oregon (UO) marshaled their efforts to train and support graduate students in research methods and evaluative practices for digital research and scholarship. This briefing will outline a suite of programs and services developed in partnership with the graduate student community. It will include a review of the development of the UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) as a hub for graduate students and the outcomes of pilot services, showcasing collaborations with the transdisciplinary New Media and Culture Certificate (NMCC) and highlighting services specifically designed to enrich graduate student experiences at UO.

The NMCC blends scholarly research on new media topics with hands-on experience creating new media content and using digital research tools, preparing scholars, designers, and media practitioners for 21st century workplaces in academia and beyond, including “alt-academic” careers. The DSC offers credit courses, workshops, speaker series, consultations, and a graduate affiliates program. The project briefing will include strategies for outreach to graduate students and faculty partners, implications for library organizations and staff, and collaborative academic planning and curriculum development.

This briefing also includes contributions from Kate Mondloch, Associate Professor of Art History and Director, New Media and Culture Certificate.



Last updated:  Wednesday, March 26th, 2014