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About CNI Membership Meetings:
Representatives of CNI’s member organizations gather twice annually for membership meetings.*  Meeting cover a broad array of topics that align with CNI’s interests as reflected in the current Program Plan.  The events are designed to explore new technologies, content, and applications; to further collaboration; to analyze technology policy issues; and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects.  Each meeting includes:

  • Project Briefings:  45-minute or one-hour breakout sessions that address issues of current interest to the membership, including architectures and standards, economic challenges, and innovations in teaching and learning. Briefings include at least twenty minutes of general discussion and are attended by 25-75 IT and library administrators, publishing executives, government officials, and others with a high level of interest in and understanding of networked information issues.
  • Plenary Sessions:  Presentations of CNI’s latest initiatives, as well as insights from national and international leaders in the networked information community.


*Prior to 2009, CNI membership meetings were called CNI Task Force meetings.

Last updated:  Monday, February 8th, 2016