Learning Space Toolkit released

I have been on the advisory group for this innovative project that I think will be of great assistance to many of our members.  Please check it out and send comments and examples to the Toolkit Team (see instructions below).
–Joan Lippincott, CNI
We are happy to announce the release of the first half of the Learning Space Toolkit (http://learningspacetoolkit.org). Roadmap, Needs Assessment and Services content has been posted with the rest coming soon. The Toolkit will be complete by November.
The Learning Space Toolkit is a freely available resource designed to support the full lifecycle of a learning space design project, from defining the goals and needs to designing the space to supporting it. By using the Toolkit, institutions will be better equipped to orchestrate the planning process so that learners are better supported and spaces, technology, and services are effective. Watch this video (http://youtu.be/bjd8TQnXm5E) for an overview. Also watch for an Educause ELI webinar on the Toolkit on November 19.

Please check out the Toolkit and send us your ideas and reactions. What’s not there that you would like to see? What elements could be more useful if they included something else? There are Feedback links on the website or you can email us directly at info@learningspacetoolkit.org.
We are also interested in hearing about your institution’s informal learning spaces. Please submit one or more of your spaces for consideration as featured examples in the Toolkit. If you would like to nominate an excellent space that we shouldn’t overlook, please fill out this survey (http://bit.ly/lstkspaces) to let us know (or email us at info@learningspacetoolkit.org).
Thank you,
The Learning Space Toolkit Team
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Last updated:  Thursday, May 2nd, 2013