Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC) webinars

Some great upcoming webinars on learning spaces from LSC. A link to (fee) registration is below.
Joan Lippincott, CNI
Please join the LSC community for webinars in the continuing series on The Ecosystem of Learning Spaces.

February and March webinars focus on classrooms (general assignment, general purpose). Each will:

· give attention to the institutional context

· present the perspectives of diverse members of the academic community—faculty, campus administrators with responsibilities for information technologies, facilities, assessment and/or curricular faculty development, as well as of participating architects

· explore a range of spatial types, illustrated by profiles from the LSC Guide, the LSC archives.

February 19, 3:30 – 5:00pm EST: This LSC webinar engages in discussions about overall campus planning for classrooms, focusing on lower enrollment courses incorporating research-based pedagogical approaches, about assessment of such spaces and their role within the larger ecosystem of learning spaces on a campus.

Register at http://www.pkallsc.org/events/lsc-guide%E2%80%94webinar-ii-exploring-classrooms

Webinar facilitators include:

· Jim Determan, Principal – Hord Coplan Macht

· Brenda R. Farmer, Senior Learning Environments Designer- University of California, Berkeley

· Michael Lauber, President – Ellenzweig

· Catherine Martin, Associate Professor of Science Education – Morgan State University

· Andrew McBride, Associate Vice President for Facilities, University Architect – University of Richmond

· Robert Emery Smith, Director of Technology Services – Stanford University

Resources from the LSC Guide include:

· Georgia Institute of Technology: Problem-driven Learning Spaces

· North Carolina State University: Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies (SCALE-UP)

· University of Maryland College Park: Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture

· University of Minnesota: Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)

Note that the registration form invites questions as part of the registration process. The registration page also includes responses to FAQs.

March 25: This webinar continues exploring 21st century classrooms, focusing on those designed for large enrollment courses, serving all disciplinary fields.

May 1: The webinar on May 1 focuses on teaching labs and other spaces serving STEM learners–majors and non-majors alike.

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