New Video: ‘Networks and the Paradox of the Active Learner’

Networks and the Paradox of the Active Learner, a project briefing session presented at CNI’s spring 2012 membership meeting, by Gardner Campbell (of Virginia Tech) is now available on CNI’s two video channels:




In this presentation, Gardner Campbell discusses his experiences with the course “From Memex to YouTube,” which has been conducted with graduate and undergraduate students, and also as a faculty-staff development seminar networked among a dozen or so institutions across the US, including Rice University, UC Berkeley, and Virginia Tech. The course aims to help participants thrive and innovate within the rapid pace of change in information and communications technology by introducing them to the powerful visions and conceptual frameworks underlying the development of networked interactive computing.

Campbell provides an overview of the seminar design, a description of outcomes and lessons learned over three years, and a consideration of pedagogical vs. andragogical strategies, with particular attention to difficulties and opportunities outlined in Carroll & Rosen’s classic human-computer interaction essay, “Paradox of the Active User.”

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Last updated:  Thursday, May 2nd, 2013