Personal Digital Archiving Book & Future Research Agendas

There’s a very nice book coming out from Information Today, edited by Donald Hawkins, which pulls together many of the key themes that have emerged from the last few Personal Digital Archiving conferences and offers a broad look at developments in this area. We have covered a number of these themes at CNI member meetings over the past few years. The book includes chapters from several people well known to the CNI community; I’m delighted to have been able to contibute a short chapter that focuses on the future research agendas for personal digital archiving .

The book is called Personal Archiving: Preserving our Digital Heritage. The publisher’s page for the book (including a link to order copies, which are on sale during the pre-order period) is at

The table of contents and the introductory chapter by Jeff Ubois of the MacArthur Foundation are at

My (preprint version) chapter can be found at

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI

Last updated:  Monday, September 9th, 2013