Podcasts: Wikipedia & Libraries, RDA, DMPTool/DataUp/DataONE, and More

Interviews with selected attendees and speakers from CNI’s fall 2012 membership meeting, produced by EDUCAUSE, are now available at


The podcasts include the following conversations:

* Sigrun Eckelmann on the German Research Foundation

* Fran Berman and Chris Greer on the Research Data Alliance

* David Rosenthal discusses preservation as a service (PaaS)

* Carly Strasser and John Kunze on tools that support scientists throughout the research data life cycle: DMPTool, DataUp, and DataONE

* Anita de Waard on the Force 11 Research and e-Scholarship Community

* Merrilee Proffitt and Sara Snyder on the connection between Wikipedia and libraries

Last updated:  Thursday, February 21st, 2013