Mobility, Analytics, Standards & Databrary: New Videos from CNI

All videos of project briefings from CNI’s December 2013 meeting have been posted and are available from CNI’s YouTube ( and Vimeo ( channels. Most recently released recordings include:

Mobile Technologies to Support Field Research, Wayne Johnston (U. of Guelph)

Accuracy in Web Analytics Reporting on Digital Libraries, Kenning Arlitsch & Patrick OBrien (Montana State U.), Martha Kyrillidou (ARL)

Creating a Data Interchange Standard for Researchers, Research, and Research Resources: VIVO-ISF, Dean B. Krafft & Brian Lowe (Cornell)

Databrary: An Open Video-Based Data-Sharing System for Developmental Science, Dylan Simon & David Millman (NYU), Rick Gilmore (Penn State)
Previously released video from CNI’s fall 2013 meeting:

  • Hiberlink: Investigating Reference Rot in Web-Based Scholarly Communication [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Internet Identity Update: From Social to Scholar (Klingenstein, Internet2) [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Library Brand Recognition: Generating Visibility in the Virtual Age [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Institutional Research Data Management: Policies, Planning, Services and Surveys [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Trends In Digital Scholarship Centers [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Capturing the Ephemeral: Collecting Social Media and Supporting Twitter Research with Social Feed Manager [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Digital Natives or Digital Naives? The Role of Skill in Internet Use [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • A Changing Landscape: Federal Mandates for Public Access to Scholarship, Transitions of Stewardship and Distributed Factual Biography [YouTube][Vimeo]
Last updated:  Tuesday, March 4th, 2014