ResourceSync, Visualization Studio, & Linked Data in Digital Collections

The latest videos from CNI’s spring 2014 membership meeting have been posted:

In the highly dynamic Web environment, resources are continuously created, changed, deleted, and moved, and Web applications that leverage third party resources face the challenge of keeping in step with ubiquitous change. In ResourceSync: A Modular Framework For Web-Based Resource Synchronization, Los Alamos scientists Herbert Van de Sompel and Martin Klein describe a system that has been developed to synchronize resources. The ResourceSync framework specifies various modular capabilities that a repository can support in order to allow third party systems to remain synchronized with its evolving resources. Available on Vimeo ( and YouTube (

The Visualization Studio at the University of Calgary’s central library is a state-of-the-art secure room created to support advanced visual and audio research by faculty and graduate researchers. Shawna Sadler discusses the successful new service model which allows research libraries to bring unique value to campus in her presentation Visualization Studio: Two Years of Experience at the University of Calgary. Available on Vimeo ( and YouTube (

Silvia Southwick and Cory Lampert, both of UNLV, discuss basic concepts of linked data, the rationale for libraries to start preparing for adopting linked data, and provide a demonstration of visualization tools operating on the linked data generated from UNLV’s digital collections in their talk Practical Work in Linked Data using Digital Collections: Unleashing the Expressivity of Data. Available on YouTube ( and Vimeo (

All videos available from CNI are on CNI’s channels on YouTube ( and Vimeo (

Last updated:  Wednesday, June 18th, 2014