Sept 16-18, 2014 PASIG Meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany

I wanted to share the announcement of the next Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) and related events taking place in September 2014.

You can contact Arthur Pasquinelli <> for additional information.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI


The registration for the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) September 16-18, the RADAR Conference September 15-16, and the free Oracle Technology Day the morning of September 16 is now open. Please note that the hotel accommodation information will be available via the website in the next several days. The URL is at:

Summary Overview:

The conference begins with a free, optional Oracle Storage Technology session the morning of Tuesday, September 16. This is followed by an afternoon PASIG introductory session, Preservation 101. This is usually attended by 80%-90% of the PASIG conference attendees. The next two days will be made up of panels, lightning rounds, and collaboration time. Session focus areas are:

– Managing and Preserving Research Data
– Infrastructure to Support Preservation at Scale
– Audiovisual and Media Archiving and Preservation
– Database & Business Process Preservation

Schedule Overview:

Monday, September 15: “Research Data Management Conference – Organizational, Technical, and Legal Challenges” (fka RADAR Conference)

Legal Issues

Organizational Issues

Best Practices

Infrastructure for Data Management

Tuesday, September 16:

AM: RADAR Workshop & Oracle Technology Day

8:30am – 1:30pm Oracle Day: Focus on Tiered Storage and Cloud Technologies, includes Lunch.

PM: PASIG Digital Preservation 101 2:00pm-5:30pm

Preservation 101

Wednesday, September 17: PASIG and Dinner

Thursday, September 18: PASIG

No activities on Friday

PASIG Draft Agenda (as of June 8):

Day 1

The Oracle Technology Day, September 16 (Tuesday morning, 8:30am-1:30pm): This will overview Oracle technology and products, but it is designed to act as a broad infrastructure primer for attendees. The meeting will focus on disk and tape, tiered storage technologies, cloud vs on-premise archiving economics, and hierarchical storage systems. Customers will present and we also review audience projects, goals, and issues related to infrastructure.

Detailed Schedule

Digital Preservation 101 (Tuesday Afternoon, 2:00pm-5:30pm)

Digital Preservation 101

Tom Cramer, Stanford

Neil Jefferies — Oxford

Tiered Storage — Oracle

  • TBC
  • TBC

Day 2

Research Data (Wednesday Morning)

“Small Sciences”

Research Objects – Workflow4Ever/MyExperiment/Nano-publications — TBC

F1000, Methodological Publication – Open Data, Open Access — Neil Jefferies, Oxford

Fedora 4 for Research Data — David Wilcox, Fedora Project Manager

Long-tail Data Access/RDA — TBC

“Big Data”

KIT / CERN T1 Datacenter – Jos van Wezel



Mass Preservation / Scaling Using the Web

Case Studies in Preservation at Scale

SCAPE/E-Ark: Ross King

The National Archives on Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation: Neil Beagrie

The Digital Preservation Network — Tom Cramer, Stanford, David Minor, UCSD

Lunch break

Infrastructure to Support Preservation at Scale
Moderator: Thorsten Lange/Presenter

Oracle — TBC

Microsoft Azure — Alex Wade, Microsoft

Arkivum — Matthew Addis

Preservica — Mike Quinn, Tessella

Archiving Research Data / Tiered Storage – Jason Goodman, Cray Research

Economics of Preservation

Cost Model for Tiered Storage –Thomas Ledoux, BnF


Lightning Rounds (Wednesday Afternoon)

Dinner (Wednesday Evening)

Day 3

Audiovisual / Media (Thursday Morning)

Overview — TBC

Dutch Sound and Vision Institute — Ernst van Velzen




  • Lightning Rounds

Database & Business Process Preservation (Thursday afternoon)

  • Database Archiving in E-ARK Project — Janet Delve, U. Portsmouth

Business Process Preservation: TIMBUS — Angela Dappert, DPC

Neal Fitzgerald, Queensland State Archive


Discussions on Needs and PASIG Directions (Late Thursday)

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