May 10, 2012: Mobile Technologies; Future of the Web

[22 min.] May 10, 2012

This update from CNI Associate Director Joan Lippincott includes a discussion of mobile technologies, including a brief discussion of the roundtable discussion that took place at CNI’s Spring 2012 Membership Meeting.  CNI Director Clifford Lynch talks about a workshop on the future of the Web.

Some examples of interesting applications of use of mobile devices mentioned in Joan’s report:

  • Leafsnap is an electronic field guide being developed by researchers from Columbia U., U. MD, and the Smithsonian that uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves; it is a free mobile app.
  • Wearable devices are one of the trends we are watching.  Take a look at the video on Project Glass developed at Google.  It shows someone wearing goggle-type glasses on which all kinds of information and interactions are displayed as you follow the narrator through his day.
  • If you’d like to explore some cutting edge music/art, try Cellphonia, where you can participate in sound/video installations or listen to new forms of opera.  Check out this webpage from Scot Gresham-Lancaster, a pioneer of computer network music.

Joan also mentioned a Pew Internet & American Life study, which you can access at

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