Databrary: An Open Video-Based Data-Sharing System for Developmental Science

Dylan Simon
Systems Architect
New York University

Rick Gilmore
Associate Professor of Psychology
Pennsylvania State University

David Millman
Director, Digital Library Technology Services
New York University

CNI: Databrary: An Open Video-Based Data-Sharing System for Developmental Science from CNI Video Channel on Vimeo.

The Databrary project aims to increase scientific transparency and accelerate discovery in developmental science by building the culture, tools, and infrastructure for developmental researchers to share video data. The presentation will review the following aims of the project: (1) create a Web-based Databrary repository for open sharing and preservation of video data; (2) build a data management system to support data sharing within labs, among collaborators, and in the Databrary repository; and (3) create participant permissions and contributor/user standards that enable open sharing of video data while limiting access to authorized users and ensuring participant confidentiality.

The major innovation of this project is the emphasis on open sharing of video data. Databrary will be the first large-scale repository for sharing video data and related information. A second important innovation is the emphasis on community building and on transforming the culture in developmental science. The contribution of a particular dataset will no longer depend on the private activities of researchers from one laboratory, but will instead benefit from the critique and imagination of many researchers with different viewpoints. Users will be able to reanalyze shared videos to test competing hypotheses, perform integrative analyses, learn from prior examples, and address new questions beyond the scope of the original study, enabling new possibilities for research in labs with limited financial and technical resources. By creating the tools and infrastructure for open video data sharing, insights in developmental science can deepen. Moreover, the Databrary tools and infrastructure will enhance data sharing and management in the entire behavioral science community.

The project briefing will include a demonstration of the Databrary system, discussion of the impetus for the Databrary project, progress made towards user access and participant permissions for sharing data, and lessons learned along the way. The Databrary Project is led by Dr. Karen Adolph, Dr. Rick Gilmore, and David Millman.

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Last updated:  Tuesday, March 4th, 2014