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Recent Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

3D Scanning for Small Budgets: How Local Libraries and Museums Will Play a Role in Creating a 3D Digital Library (November '15)

Jennifer Johnson, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
JD Schaumberg, Online Resources, Inc.

Achieving Meaningful Interoperability for Web-based Scholarship (November '15)

Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Michael L. Nelson, Old Dominion University

All for One and One for All: A Global Approach to Image Interoperability via IIIF (November '15)

Tom Cramer, Stanford University

The Archaeology of Infrastructure (November '15)

Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University
Jaap Geraerts, University College London

Archivportal-D: The National Platform for Archival Information in Germany (November '15)

Christina Wolf, Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg
Nadine Seidu, Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg

Recent Videos

BIBFLOW: A Roadmap for Library Linked Data Implementation (April '15)
MacKenzie Smith, University of California, Davis
Carl G Stahmer, University of California, Davis
Eric Miller, Zepheira View more information


Building Expertise to Support Digital Scholarship: A Global Perspective (April '15)
Vivian Lewis, McMaster University
Lisa Spiro, Rice University
Xuemao Wang, University of Cincinnati
Jon E. Cawthorne, West Virginia University View more information


Challenges Presented by Institutional Identifiers (April '15)
Karen Smith-Yoshimura, OCLC Research
View more information


Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: More than Notes (April '15)
Alan Wolf, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Jan Cheetham, University of Wisconsin – Madison View more information View video


Innovative Uses of Islandora: Three Use Cases (April '15)
Kristian Allen, University of California, Los Angeles
Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University
Evelyn McLellan, Artefactual Systems Inc. View more information


Recent Podcasts

Bibliographic Framework Initiative: Process and Expectations (March '13) Roberta Shaffer, Library of Congress
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