Special Collections

Special Collections currently incorporate traditional analog materials, digitized versions of rare items such as manuscripts and primary sources, and born-digital materials that may be useful to scholarship in the future. CNI has provided a context for the discussion of emerging trends that will help institutions innovate in this area. We also feature the use of Special Collections as resources in the curriculum and in projects where students and faculty work together with librarians on digital projects.

Recent Publications/Reports/Presentations by CNI Staff

“Special Collections at the Cusp of the Digital Age: A Credo” (December '09)
Author: Clifford A. Lynch
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"Special Collections at the Cusp of the Digital Age: A Credo" (December '09)
Author: Clifford A. Lynch
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“Medical Libraries, Bioinformatics, and Networked Information: A Coming Convergence?” (October '99)
Author: Clifford A. Lynch View more information


Recent Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

Avalon Media System Update: From Collaboration to Community (March '16)

Jon Dunn, Indiana University
Evviva Weinraub, Northwestern University

Building “Full-Stack” Collaboration on a Digital Foundation: ‘Explore Chicago Collections’ and the Chicago Collections Consortium (March '16)

Scott Walter, DePaul University
Sarah M. Pritchard, Northwestern University
Charles Blair, University of Chicago
Tracy J. Seneca, University of Illinois at Chicago

Digital Curation in Art Museums: Promising Practices and Opportunities for Education and Research (March '16)

Joyce Ray, Johns Hopkins University

Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Research and Policy Agenda (March '16)

Jerome McDonough, University of Illinois

Runaway Slave Advertisements: One Vision, Two Approaches (March '16)

Tim Bucknall, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jason Kovari, Cornell University

Recent Videos

The Archaeology of Infrastructure (November '15)
Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University
Jaap Geraerts, University College London View more information


New Tools for Providing Access to Digital Image Collections: Mirador and Spotlight (November '15)
Stuart Snydman, Stanford University View more information


Social Networks and Archival Context: From R&D to Cooperative Program (April '15)
Daniel Pitti, University of Virginia
Brian Tingle, University of California View more information View video


Archives and Digital Humanities (December '14)
Charlotte Nunes, Southwestern University
Mary W. Elings, University of California at Berkeley
Jen Wolfe, University of Iowa
Tom Keegan, University of Iowa
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Extending the Lifecycle of Scientific Field Notes: Making Hidden Collections Reusable (December '14)
Riccardo Ferrante, Smithsonian Institution
Rusty Russell, Smithsonian Institution
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