The Truth is Out There: Preservation and the Cloud

David S. H. Rosenthal
Chief Scientist, LOCKSS Program
Stanford University


With the recent introductions of DuraCloud, Preservica, Glacier and others, preservation has joined most other applications in being offered as a cloud service, Preservation as a Service (PaaS). Does PaaS make technical, economic or business sense? What characteristics make applications cloud-friendly? If outsourcing to third-party cloud services is such a great idea, why do companies that get big enough all build their own clouds? Can cooperative efforts to build academic clouds yield benefits?

This talk is based on research, which is on-going, into the economic models of long-term storage with participants from the LOCKSS Program, the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Storage System Research Center, Stony Brook University, and NetApp. It will also include presentation of data from a Library of Congress funded experiment that ran a LOCKSS box in Amazon’s cloud.

Last updated:  Wednesday, July 31st, 2013