Not Your Grandfather’s Web Any More

Kris Carpenter Negulescu
Director, Web Group
Internet Archive

David Rosenthal
LOCKSS Program
Stanford University

CNI: Not Your Grandfather’s Web Any More from CNI Video Channel on Vimeo.

Although parts of the Web, such as e-journals and e-books, largely retain the Web’s original document model, the newer parts of the Web, including social media, scientific workflows and Web services, have evolved into a programming environment, whose primary language is Javascript. This briefing will report on the results of a workshop held at the Library of Congress under the auspices of the International Internet Preservation Consortium. There, practitioners of Web archiving reviewed the practical and theoretical problems posed by this evolution of the Web. The practical problems include the need to execute the collected content, rather than simply record it, and then re-execute the preserved content in a way that recapitulates the original. The theoretical problems include the fact that every reader’s every visit to most Web pages is now a different experience. What does “the original” mean in this context?


Presentation (Rosenthal)
Presentation (Negulescu)





Last updated:  Wednesday, May 15th, 2013