Extending Access to Scholarly Resources: JSTOR’s Alumni Program

Bruce Heterick
Vice President, Outreach & Participation Services

Susan Gibbons
University Librarian
Yale University

Damon Jaggars
Associate University Librarian for Collections and Services
Columbia University

Molly Tamarkin
Associate University Librarian for Information Technology
Duke University

In 2009, JSTOR began partnering with institutions in a pilot program to provide access to their alumni. A range of participants was selected for the pilot, including public and private institutions, universities in the US and abroad, and theological seminaries. After nearly three years of collecting quantitative and qualitative feedback on the efficacy of the pilot, and based on an enthusiastic response from pilot partners, the Alumni Access program is being made accessible to all JSTOR participating institutions.

In this discussion, librarians who participated in the pilot will discuss how this tool was used for engaging with alumni, and what was learned about the level of interest in access to scholarly resources after graduation.

Next steps for the Alumni Access program, and how this fits within JSTOR’s larger aims of extending access to scholarship, will also be discussed.

Presentation (Tamarkin)


Last updated:  Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013