Sustaining Open Source Projects: An Update from DuraSpace

Michele Kimpton
Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Markow
Chief Security Officer

DuraSpace, a not for profit organization, was formed nearly three years ago with the goal of providing a home for open source projects DSpace and Fedora, and with a mission of creating a sustainable model to allow for continued growth and development of the projects. Within this model, DuraSpace also needed to figure out how to transition the organization from a completely grant-based funded operation to an organization that would have a diversified and sustainable business strategy.

Over the years, the organization has made significant progress in developing robust communities for both the DSpace and Fedora repository solutions. Today, there are over 1500 identified installations of DSpace and Fedora platforms globally. The organization has put in place a business strategy that brings in a revenue stream in the form of sponsorship from existing users of DSpace and Fedora, service revenue from its DuraCloud technology, and grant-funded projects for exploratory work and development. DuraSpace also placed several new initiatives on the roadmap for 2012 and 2013 in order to expand services and programs offered to the community. These revenues support the operation, and provide a path to sustainability that does not rely on grant funding.

This presentation will describe the path followed for building a robust open source community, and the strategy put in place for sustaining the not for profit organization; the latter will also cover new services and initiatives on the roadmap.

Presentation (PDF)

Last updated:  Thursday, April 12th, 2012