IIIF: The International Image Interoperability Framework

Tom Cramer
Chief Technology Strategist
Stanford University

IIIF, the International Image Interoperability Framework, is defining an approach by which image-based resources from any participating institution can be delivered in a standard way via any compatible image server for display, manipulation and annotation in any application, to any user on the Web, in any combination of elements. Launched in 2011 by a consortium of national and research libraries, the IIIF working group has grown to dozens of institutions worldwide, and received a three-year grant to advance the framework along with its companion data model, Shared Canvas. Reference implementations now demonstrate the new possibilities presented by a network of rich, performant, interoperable services.

This session will present the drivers behind IIIF, the APIs at its core, current adopters, and its potential to transform the way individuals, institutions, applications and aggregators each interact with images in the research ecosystem.




Last updated:  Monday, April 14th, 2014