Online Video Creation by Undergraduates: Consequences for Media Literacy

Anu Vedantham
Director, Weigle Information Commons
University of Pennsylvania

Renee Hobbs
Founder of the Media Education Lab
and Professor of Communication
Temple University

Creation of online videos is a newly popular activity for today’s college students. New research reveals complexities in how students use video creation technology such as cell phones, video cameras and editing software. This session will discuss changing definitions of new literacies (visual, media, news, information, digital, etc.) and demonstrates how everyday video creation projects cross disciplinary boundaries. It will include a review of results from data collected in September 2010 from first-year students at a highly selective research university and provide recommendations for practitioners who are seeking to support student online video creation. This briefing will help educators and librarians to offer educational technology support and instruction.



Last updated:  Thursday, February 23rd, 2012