New Tools for Enabling Research: DMPTool, DataUp, and DataONE

William Michener
Professor and Director of DataONE, University Libraries
University of New Mexico

Carly Strasser
Data Curation Specialist, University of California Curation Center (UC3)
California Digital Library

John Kunze
Associate Director, University of California Curation Center (UC3)
California Digital Library

Three new data-centric developments that support scientists throughout the research data life cycle are highlighted in this session: the DMPTool, DataUp, and DataONE. The DMPTool is an online “wizard” that helps scientists and data librarians create comprehensive data management plans that meet sponsor requirements for well-documented, high-quality, sharable, and interpretable data. The DataUp tool enables the protection of the long-tail distribution of data (those data that all too frequently become orphaned) by helping scientists organize their tabular data (i.e. Microsoft® Excel), document it with standard metadata, and archive the data in a repository. Finally, DataONE, which became operational in July 2012, provides mechanisms to search data repositories worldwide for relevant biological, ecological, environmental and Earth science data (over 200,000 data products and growing weekly), as well as access to tools that support all aspects of the data life cycle and that are integrated with the data resources. In combination, the three new tools can greatly increase the nature and pace of science as will be demonstrated via several relevant examples.

Last updated:  Wednesday, July 31st, 2013