Kuali OLE: From Startup to Software

Robert H. McDonald
Executive Director, Kuali OLE
Indiana University

Michael Winkler
Kuali OLE Functional Council Chair
University of Pennsylvania

Bradley Skiles
Project manager, Kuali OLE
Indiana University

Richard Slabach
Quality Assurance Manager, Kuali OLE
Indiana University

In July 2010, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million dollar grant to a national partnership of nine university libraries to carry out the build and implementation phase of the Kuali OLE (pronounced Oh-LAY) Project. The partners in the project have pledged an equivalent amount of cost-share to the project, creating one of the largest library-funded community-source software projects in modern history. Kuali OLE builds from the Mellon-funded OLE Planning Grant led by Duke University Libraries, a process that engaged hundreds of libraries and librarians at international scale in the feasibility of a community sourced software solution for academic library management work flow.

In phase one of the build project, July 2010-July 2011, Kuali OLE has several deliverables that will be demonstrated to the library and enterprise academic software community. This phase will:
• demonstrate ingest of library vendor records from a major library approval plan vendor
• demonstrate the feasibility of using Kuali RICE middleware for creating and routing this as a library requisition workflow
• demonstrate the functionality of the embedded Kuali Finance System Software components for generating purchase orders and managing library funds

This project briefing, a follow-on to briefings at CNI in Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, will include a demonstration of code and re-use of Kuali software components from the build phase as of mid-March 2011. The Kuali OLE Reference Model Implementation, that is expected to be available as a target for use by both Kuali OLE Partners as well as for those interested in Kuali OLE implementation, will also be discussed. This will include both the OLE core software as well as a demonstration public discovery layer. Upcoming previews of the first Kuali OLE Conference Track that will be held at Kuali Days 2011 in November in Indianapolis will also be presented.



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