The Journalism Digital News Archive (JDNA): Responding to Disruption

Edward McCain
Digital Curator of Journalism, Reynolds Journalism Institute
University of Missouri

Changes in technology, the economy and society have disrupted many established practices in the field of journalism. This shakeup holds true for the systems that once supported the preservation of journalistic content, especially born-digital content. Faced with this chaotic array of systemic forces, focusing on any one area of concern is not sufficient to address the current situation. Theory of Change modeling offers one means of effectively responding to the challenges of preserving born-digital journalism.

This session will introduce the Journalism Digital News Archive (JNDA) initiative at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and University of Missouri Libraries. JDNA proposes an implementation of Theory of Change loosely based on the BUILD Initiative, which has been successful in addressing systems change to improve educational outcomes in at least 10 states. The JDNA initiative looks at five broad areas of implementation: Context, Components, Connections, Infrastructure and Scale. In each of these areas, the challenge is to envision desired outcomes and to map pathways towards achieving those goals.

 JDNA seeks input and guidance from those working in memory institutions, journalism, government, education and other stakeholders.



Last updated:  Monday, April 14th, 2014