Massive Open Online Courses as Drivers for Change

Lynne O’Brien
Director, Academic Technology & Instructional Services
Duke University

Since announcing a partnership with Coursera in July 2012, Duke has launched two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and has eight more in development. Spanning humanities, social sciences and science topics, these courses have over 320,000 enrollments as of October 2012. Duke’s goals in experimenting with MOOCs are to drive teaching innovation in both campus-based and online courses, to extend Duke’s commitment to knowledge in service to society, and to expand Duke’s reach and reputation in a global environment.

This presentation will:
• Describe how the Coursera partnership has shaped campus discussions about higher education and teaching
• Discuss the impact of MOOCs on library planning and academic technology support
• Share early feedback from students and faculty about the MOOC teaching and learning experience

The session also will explore the rapidly evolving format of MOOC courses and consider what the implications may be for campus-based courses in the near future.

Last updated:  Thursday, December 20th, 2012