The DMPTool: Online Guidance and Resources for Your Data Management Plan

Sherry Lake
Senior Scientific Data Consultant
University of Virginia

Laine Farley
Executive Director
California Digital Library

This session is an update to the CNI Spring 2011 project briefing, “Data Management Plans Online,” presented by Todd Grappone (University of California, Los Angeles) and Patricia Cruse (California Digital Library).  Work on the initial phase of the Data Management Planning Tool (DMPTool) has been completed. The DMPTool was released on October 5, 2011.

To help researchers with funding agencies’ proposal requirements for DMPs, several organizations (the California Digital Library, the University of Illinois, the University of Virginia, the Smithsonian Institution, the DataONE consortium, and the UK Digital Curation Centre) came together to develop the DMPTool. The goal of the DMPTool is to provide researchers with guidance, links to local resources, and help with writing data management plans. In the tool, researchers from partner institutions will find links to resources at their institutions, such as to preservation repositories, consultation services or other information and support provided to researchers by their institutions. In addition, partner institutions can provide help to specific sections of the funder requirements within the plan, and even suggest responses to these requirements. By incorporating a blog, institutions can provide local news items about events, workshops, and other information. Other developments, such as integration with grants management systems and closer cooperation with the funding agencies, have been discussed.

This project briefing will include an in-depth look at the DMPTool, describe the information institutions can provide to become contributing partners, and describe future development plans and ideas for priorities, directions and funding opportunities.

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Last updated:  Friday, December 16th, 2011