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Recent Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

The 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship: What Works in Digital Preservation, and What is Needed (December '14)

Micah Altman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Trevor Owens, Library of Congress
Michelle Gallinger, Gallinger Consulting


Analytics and Privacy: A Proposed Framework for Negotiating Service and Value Boundaries (December '14)

Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Andrew Asher, Indiana University


Archives and Digital Humanities (December '14)

Charlotte Nunes, Southwestern University
Mary W. Elings, University of California at Berkeley
Jen Wolfe, University of Iowa
Paul Soderdahl, University of Iowa
Tom Keegan, University of Iowa


The Benefits of Collaboration: Optimizing Content Coverage in Library Discovery Systems (December '14)

Amira Aaron, Northeastern University
Bruce Heterick, ITHAKA
Christine Stohn, Ex Libris Group


A Decade In: Assessing the Impacts and Futures of Internet Identity (December '14)

Ken Klingenstein, Internet2


Recent Videos

The Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L) Project: A Progress Report (December '14) Dean B. Krafft, Cornell University
Tom Cramer, Stanford University View more information


Swords, Dragons, and Spells: Libraries and User Privacy (December '14) Peter Brantley, New York Public Library
Marshall Breeding, Library Technology Guides
Eric Hellman, Gluejar
Gary Price, infoDOCKET.com View more information


E-Textbook Initiatives in Libraries and IT Organizations (March '14) Glenda Morgan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pat Reid, Purdue University
Todd Grappone, University of California, Los Angeles
Milind Basole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign View more information


Accuracy in Web Analytics Reporting on Digital Libraries (November '13) Kenning Arlitsch, Montana State University
Patrick OBrien, Montana State University
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Ricky Erway, OCLC Research View more information


Capturing the Ephemeral: Collecting Social Media and Supporting Twitter Research with Social Feed Manager (November '13) Daniel Chudnov, George Washington University
Bergis Jules, George Washington University
Daniel Kerchner, George Washington University
Laura Wrubel, George Washington University View more information


Recent Podcasts

Bibliographic Framework Initiative: Process and Expectations (March '13) Roberta Shaffer, Library of Congress View more information