Spring 2013

CNI Spring 2013 Membership Meeting
April 4-5, 2013
San Antonio, TX
Westin Riverwalk

Representatives from CNI member organizations gather twice annually to explore new technologies, content, and applications; to further collaboration; to analyze technology policy issues; and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects. Each member organization may send two representatives.

Recently Added

Recorded Presentations

  • The Digital Preservation Network: A Report and Discussion on DPN’s Emerging Architecture, System Protocol & Service Model [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Bibliographic Framework Initiative: Process And Expectations [Listen to the Podcast]
  • Using the Amazon Cloud to Host Digital Scholarship Projects [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Taking Scholarly Note-taking to the Web [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • RDF: Resource Description Failures & Linked Data Letdowns [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Hypothes.is: Annotating the World’s Knowledge [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Not Your Grandfather’s Web Any More [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • IT@Cornell: Is It What We Imagined? [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Not Another Cross-Search Tool: The Digital Commons Network [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Publication and Research Roles for Libraries Using Spectral Imaging Data [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Using schema.org & Google Site Search with Library Digital Collections [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • The Library Building as Research Platform [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • From the Version of Record to a Version of the Record [YouTube] [Vimeo]
  • Presentation Slides Being Added to Project Briefing/Presentation Pages
  • Video: Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey US 2012: First Release of Key Findings [YouTube] [Vimeo]

Project briefings, 45-minute or one-hour sessions that allow participants to interact informally about projects, initiatives, and ideas of their own choosing, are the very heart of every membership meeting. Plenary sessions are held at the beginning and end of each meeting and include presentations of CNI’s latest initiatives as well as insights from national and international leaders in the networked information community.

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