Spring 2014

CNI Spring 2014 Membership Meeting
March 31 – April 1, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri
The Ritz-Carlton


Representatives from CNI member organizations gather twice annually to explore new technologies, content, and applications; to further collaboration; to analyze technology policy issues; and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects. Each member organization may send two representatives.

Recently Added

  • Practical Work in Linked Data using Digital Collections: Unleashing the Expressivity of Data
  • Visualization Studio: Two Years of Experience at the University of Calgary [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • ResourceSync: A Modular Framework For Web-Based Resource Synchronization [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • From Fragmentation to Reaggregation: Revealing a “Virtual” Medieval Library with Manuscriptlink [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Visualizing Temporal Narrative [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Local Participation in DPLA [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Course Readings in Learning Management Systems [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • CASRAI: Working Toward Research Information Interoperability in the UK [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Exploration of “Center of Excellence” Model for Information Services [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Integrating Researcher Identifiers Into University And Library Systems [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • E-Textbook Initiatives in Libraries and IT Organizations [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Peters Award Winner, Donald Lindberg (NLM): [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Bryan Alexander, Cliff Lynch: In Conversation (video) [YouTube][Vimeo]
  • Project Briefings presentation materials

Project briefings, 45-minute or one-hour sessions that allow participants to interact informally about projects, initiatives, and ideas of their own choosing, are the very heart of every membership meeting. Plenary sessions are held at the beginning and end of each meeting and include presentations of CNI’s latest initiatives as well as insights from national and international leaders in the networked information community.

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