CNI Spring 2014 Membership Meeting Schedule

Download the complete CNI Spring 2014 Schedule of Events

MONDAY March 31 Registration/Info Table available all day in Ballroom Pre-Function TUESDAY April 1 Registration/Info Table available all day in Ballroom Pre-Function
8:30 AM Consulate Executive Roundtable (by prior registration only) 7:30 AM Salon I Breakfast
11:30 AM Plaza Orientation for First-Time Attendees 9:00 AM -10:00 AM PROJECT BRIEFINGS
12:15 PM Ballroom Pre-Function Break Salon II Ballroom “Center of Excellence” Model
1:15 PM Salon II Ballroom Opening Plenary: Clifford Lynch and Bryan Alexander: A Conversation About the Future of Technology, Knowledge and Culture Plaza Visualization Studio
2:15 Ballroom Pre-Function Break Pavilion Privacy in the Digital Age
2:30 PM -3:30 PM PROJECT BRIEFINGS Colonnade Course Reading in LMS
Salon II Ballroom E-Textbook Initiatives Consulate SHARE Program Update
Plaza ResourceSync Ambassador Integrating ORCID in Workflows
Pavilion Beyond Serials: E-Book Preservation 10:00 AM Ballroom Pre-Function Break
Colonnade Community-based Stewardship 10:30 AM -11:30 AM PROJECT BRIEFINGS
Consulate Foresting a Graduate Research Community Salon II Ballroom Intersect: Scholarly Comm. & Info Literacy
Promenade Journalism Digital News Archive Plaza CASRAI: Interoperability in the UK
Ambassador Librarians Supporting E-Research Pavilion The Evolving Scholarly Record
3:30 PM Ballroom Pre-Function Break Colonnade Local Participation in DPLA
4:00 PM -5:00 PM PROJECT BRIEFINGS Consulate International Encyclopedia of WWI
Salon II Ballroom Integrating Researcher Identifiers Ambassador Optimization of Known-item Discovery
Plaza Visualizing Temporal Narrative 11:45 AM Salon I Lunch
Pavilion Evaluation/Assessment, Libraries & IT 1:00 PM -2:00 PM PROJECT BRIEFINGS
Colonnade Demonstration of FLEXspace Plaza Practical Work in Linked Data
Consulate Consortium Preservation Repository Pavilion Assessment of E-book Strategies
Promenade Strategic Social Media Program Colonnade National Digital Stewardship Residency
Consulate Supporting Digital Scholarship
Ambassador Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 Ambassador Developing the Hydra-Blacklight Way
5:00 PM Ballroom Pre-Function Break 2:00 PM Ballroom Pre-Function Break
5:15 PM -6:00 PM PROJECT BRIEFINGS 2:15 PM Salon II Ballroom Closing Plenary: Presentation of the 2014 Paul Evan Peters Award & Lecture Donald A.B. Lingberg, National Library of Medicine
Salon II Ballroom Perceptions Library Support Undergrads 3:30 PM Meeting Adjourns
Plaza Virtual Medieval Library w/Manusciptlink
Pavilion Loanable Equipment
Colonnade Altmetrics for Hidden Scholarly Dialogue
Consulate Monograph Purchasing Trends
Promenade International Image Interoperability (IIIF)
Ambassador Continuing the Conversation
6:00 PM Salon I Reception

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