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Project Briefings & Plenary Sessions from CNI Meetings

Challenges Presented by Institutional Identifiers (April '15)

Karen Smith-Yoshimura, OCLC Research


Developments in Digital Repositories (December '14)

Tracy Seneca, University of Illinois at Chicago
Charles Blair, University of Chicago
Glen Robson, National Library of Wales


Update on BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework Initiative) (December '14)

Karim B. Boughida, George Washington University
Jackie Shieh, George Washington University
Jeff Penka, Zepheira
Nate Trail, Library of Congress


CASRAI: Working Toward Research Information Interoperability in the UK (March '14)

Ben Showers, JISC


Local Participation in the Digital Public Library of America (March '14)

Chelcie Juliet Rowell, Wake Forest University
Chris Freeland, Washington University in St. Louis


Practical Work in Linked Data using Digital Collections: Unleashing the Expressivity of Data (March '14)

Silvia Southwick, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cory Lampert, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Creating a Data Interchange Standard for Researchers, Research, and Research Resources: VIVO-ISF (November '13)

Dean B. Krafft, Cornell University
Brian Lowe, Cornell University


Discovery Turned Inside Out: Using schema.org and Google Site Search with Library Digital Collections (March '13)

Will Sexton, Duke University
Sean Aery, Duke University

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Building an Archival Identity Management Network: Transforming Archival Practice and Historical Research (December '12)

Daniel Pitti, University of Virginia
Brian Tingle, California Digital Library
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information


Developing a Customized, Extensible Application for Digital Collections (December '12)

Suzanne Thorin, Syracuse University
Sean Quimby, Syracuse University
Jeremy Morgan, Syracuse University


Piloting Linked Data to Connect Library and Archive Resources to the New World of Data, and Staff to New Skills (December '12)

Zheng (John) Wang, Emory University
Laura Akerman, Emory University


Climate Data for Our Future: Acquired, Analyzed, Archived (March '12)

Andreas Hense, Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
Florian Quadt, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology


The Digital Public Library of America Platform (March '12)

David Weinberger, Harvard University
Paul Deschner, Harvard University


Linked Data for Libraries: Why Should We Care? Where Should We Start? (March '12)

Jennifer Bowen, University of Rochester
Philip E. Schreur, Stanford University


Art Images Online: Leveraging Social Tagging and Language for Browsing (December '11)

Irene Eleta, University of Maryland
Raul Guerra, University of Maryland


Capturing Research Data: A MODS Metadata Application Profile for Institutional Repositories (December '11)

Grace Agnew, Rutgers University


Crowd Sourcing Metadata (December '11)

Barbara Taranto, New York Public Library

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Localizing Integrated Search (December '11)

Jens Hofman Hansen, State and University Library, Denmark
Simeon Warner, Cornell University Library


The Open Geoportal (December '11)

Patrick Florance, Tufts University
David Siegel, Harvard University
Tom Cramer, Stanford University
Chris Barnett, Tufts University


A Tangled Web: Structural Problems in Game Preservation (December '11)

Jerome McDonough, University of Illinois


Annotating Scholarly Resources: An Update from the Open Annotation Collaboration (December '10)

Robert Sanderson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tim Cole, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Exhibit 2.0: The Latest from MIT’s Simile Project (December '10)

MacKenzie Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eric Miller, Zepheira


Linked Open Data: The Promises and the Pitfalls… Where Are We and Why Isn’t There Broader Adoption? (December '10)

Kris Carpenter Negulescu, Internet Archive
Martin Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Institution
MacKenzie Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dean Krafft, Cornell University


Preserving Social Science Research Data Using Fedora (December '10)

Bryan Beecher, University of Michigan


Project Venod: Processing Non-OCRable Documents (December '10)

Lothar Meyer-Lerbs, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Institute for Print & Media Technology


Updates from the National Library of Medicine (NLM): MedlinePlus Connect & JATS (NLM DTDs) (December '10)

Naomi Miller, National Library of Medicine
Jeffrey Beck, National Library of Medicine


Interoperable Annotation: A Reference Implementation for the Open Annotation Collaboration (April '10)

Doug Reside, University of Maryland
Dave Lester, University of Maryland
Trevor Owens, George Mason University


Trident Project: Managing an Extensible Digital Repository (April '09)

David Kennedy, Duke University


Implementing Institutional Repositories (April '06)

Ronald Jantz, Rutgers University
Nicholas Fischio, Case Western Reserve University
Nathan Lambert, Case Western Reserve University


Key Standards Updates (April '06)

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress
Rob Sanderson, University of Liverpool
Brian Lavoie, OCLC, Inc.
Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress
Robin Dale, RLG, Inc.


Letting Faculty Drive the Digital Program (April '06)

Tom Ruthven, University of Miami


Open Source Tools and Metasearch Findings of the Emory MetaCombine Project (April '06)

Martin Halbert, Emory University


Building Collaborative Partnerships for Digital Research in the Humanities (December '05)

Katherine L. Walter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The bX Project: Federating and Mining Usage Logs from Linking Servers (December '05)

Johan Bollen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Oren Beit-Arie, Ex Libris
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Creating a Standards-Based Model for Sharing Cultural Heritage Collections Online: The CDWA Lite/OAI PMH Project (December '05)

Murtha Baca, Getty Research Institute
Karim Boughida, Getty Research Institute
Ken Hamma, J. Paul Getty Trust
William W. Ying, ARTstor
Nik Honeysett, J. Paul Getty Trust


The Portal to Texas History: Harnessing Technology to Enable Collaboration with Small Museums and Libraries (December '05)

Cathy Nelson Hartman, University of North Texas
Mark Edward Phillips, University of North Texas


Social Bookmarking in an Academic Environment (December '05)

Michael Winkler, University of Pennsylvania


Integrating Libraries and Electronic Publishing: The DART Project (April '05)

David Millman, Columbia University
Kate Wittenberg, Columbia University


A Radioactive Metadata Record Approach for Interoperability Testing (April '05)

William E. Moen, University of North Texas


Squeezing Metadata Out of Scholarly Texts: Extending the CLiMB Project (April '05)

Judith Klavans, University of Maryland
Marilyn Domas White, University of Maryland
Angela Giral, Columbia University


Support and Access Issues for Large Scale Collections: The Shoah Visual History Foundation Testimonies (April '05)

John Silvester, University of Southern California
Sam Gustman, Shoah Foundation
Judith A. Truelson, University of Southern California
Mike Pearce, University of Southern California


Adoption of JPEG 2000 by Libraries and Archives: The Future of Digital Imaging (December '04)

Peter Murray, University of Connecticut


Automatic Exposure – Capturing Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images (December '04)

Günter Waibel, Research Libraries Group


DigitalWell: Digital Asset Managment for Institutions, Television and Radio (December '04)

Jim DeRoest, University of Washington


Exposing Art: Accomplishments and Challenges Associated with Metasearching Into and Out of ARTstor (December '04)

James Shulman, ARTstor
Bill Ying, ARTstor


Managing the Rhizome: METS for Web-Archiving (December '04)

Leslie Myrick, New York University


Metadata for Digital Preservation: A Status Report on PREMIS (December '04)

Priscilla Caplan, State University System of Florida
Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Stanford University


An Update from the OAI (December '04)

Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Carl Lagoze, Cornell University
Simeon Warner, Cornell University
Michael Nelson, Old Dominion University


An Update from the OAI: Discussion Session (December '04)

Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Carl Lagoze, Cornell University
Simeon Warner, Cornell University
Michael Nelson, Old Dominion University


The Virtual Data Center (December '04)

Micah Altman, Harvard-MIT Data Center


Another Step on the Bridge: Sharing Resource Lists Among Content Repositories and E-Learning Systems (April '04)

Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich, Stanford University
Mladen Maljkovic, WebCT


Federations of Institutional Repositories and OAI-PMH Harvesting: Beyond Dublin Core (April '04)

Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Mixed Content and Mixed Metadata in the NSDL (April '04)

William Y. Arms, Cornell University


UCSB Campus Informatics: Collaboration for Knowledge Management (April '04)

Sarah Pritchard, University of California, Santa Barbara
Smiti Anand, University of California, Santa Barbara


Cornell’s DCAPS: A New Model for Delivery and Support of Digital Services (December '03)

H. Thomas Hickerson, Cornell University


Documenting Text Encoding Practices for Academics: The Women Writers Project’s TEI Encoding Guide (December '03)

Julia Flanders, Brown University


Learning Objects, Learning Activities (LOLA): A Collaborative Referatory for Information Literacy Modules and Other Discipline-Specific Materials (December '03)

Michael Roy, Wesleyan University
Barbara Jones, Wesleyan University


Libraries and the Enhancement of E-learning (December '03)

Patricia Albanese, Mt. Holyoke College
Patricia Stevens, OCLC, Inc.
Neil McLean, Macquarie University, Sydney


Digital Collection Cross-Server Sharing: A New Integrated Model and Technology for Building and Accessing Digital Libraries at Multiple Locations in Utah (December '02)

Kenning Arlitsch, University of Utah
Greg Zick, DiMeMa, Inc.


EAD Harvesting for the National Gallery of the Spoken Word (December '02)

Nancy Fleck, Michigan State University
Michael Seadle, Michigan State University


Image Retrieval Benchmark Database: A Report on a CLIR/CNI Exploration (December '02)

Jennifer Trant, Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)


Implementing FRBR on Large Databases (December '02)

Thomas Hickey, OCLC Research
Diane Vizine-Goetz, OCLC


The Open URL Standard (December '02)

Tony Hammond, Elsevier Science

Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Eric Van de Velde, California Institute of Technology


An Overview of the Internet Scout Project and the Scout Portal Toolkit (December '02)

Edward Almasy, Internet Scout Project
Rachael Bower, Internet Scout Project


Specialized OAI Service Providers: Sheet Music Harvester–A Work in Progress (December '02)

Kristine Brancolini, Indiana University
Stephen Davison, University of California, Los Angeles
Curtis Fornadley, University of California, Los Angeles
Cynthia Requardt, Johns Hopkins University
Stephen H. Schwartz, University of California, Los Angeles


A Web Service for Transforming Metadata Schemas (December '02)

Carol Jean Godby, OCLC, Inc.


Weaving Meaning: Overview of the Semantic Web and the Potential for Library Leadership (December '02)

Eric Miller, W3C


XML Markup of Taxonomic Literature (December '02)

John Aubry, American Museum of Natural History


Creating Digital Libraries through Multi-Institution Collaborations (April '02)

Alan Cornish, Washington State University
Robert H. McDonald, Auburn University
Catherine M. Jannik, Auburn University


Metadata Harvesting: Reports from Three Projects Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (April '02)

Kat Hagedorn, University of Michigan
Beth Sandore, University of Illinois
Martin D. Harbert, Emory University


The National Gallery of the Spoken Word (April '02)

Mark Kornbluh, Michigan State University

Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University


NDLTD and OAI: A Case Study of a Worldwide Community Sharing (Multilingual, Multimedia) Electronic Theses & Dissertations through the Open Archives Initiative (April '02)

Edward A. Fox, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


Open Archives Initiative Update (April '02)

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information

Daniel Greenstein, Digital Library Federation
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Research Library


ZING: Z39.50-International: Next Generation (April '02)

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress
Pat Stevens, OCLC


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