Project Briefings (Presentations)

Project Briefings Presented at the
CNI Spring 2013 Membership Meeting
April 4-5, 2013
San Antonio, TX

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Administering and Assessing Four E-Textbook Pilots

Dean Hendrix, State University of New York at Buffalo

And After You’ve Built It? Next Steps in Repository and Research Data Support

Philip Konomos, Arizona State University

The Avalon Media System: An Open Source Audio/Video System for Libraries and Archives

Jon W. Dunn, Indiana University Bloomington
Claire Stewart, Northwestern University

Bibliographic Framework Initiative: Process and Expectations

Roberta Shaffer, Library of Congress
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Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past

Allan Bell, University of British Columbia

Collaboration to Innovation

Tyler Walters, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Annette Bailey, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The DataShare Project: Collaboration Yields Promising Tool

Angela Rizk-Jackson, University of California, San Francisco
Julia Kochi, University of California, San Francisco
Perry Willett, California Digital Library

Developments in Scholarly Identity Management

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
David Millman, New York University
Laurel L. Haak, ORCID
Neil Jacobs, Jisc
Dean B. Krafft, Cornell University

Digital Humanities Revisited: Continuing Debates and Work on the Ground

Thomas C. Wilson, University of Alabama

The Digital Preservation Network: A Report and Discussion on DPN’s Emerging Architecture, System Protocol & Service Model

Tom Cramer, Stanford University
Ladd Hanson, University of Texas at Austin
James Simon, Stanford University

DuraCloud for Research: A Project Status Report

Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace

Economical Big Local Storage

Tom Klingler, Kent State University

EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) Student Technology Study

Pam Arroway, EDUCAUSE

Enabling Institutional Action for Research Data Management: The DCC Experience

Kevin Ashley, University of Edinburgh

Hypothes.is: Annotating the World’s Knowledge

Peter Brantley, Hypothes.is

IT@Cornell: Is It What We Imagined?

Dean B. Krafft, Cornell University

Leveraging Traditional, Digital, and Crowd-Sourced Resources to Create “Database of the Smokies”

Anne Bridges, University of Tennessee
Mark Baggett, University of Tennessee
Ken Wise, University of Tennessee

The Library Building as Research Platform

Kristin Antelman, North Carolina State University
Maurice York, North Carolina State University

Linked Data and Archival Description: The LiAM Planning Project

Anne Sauer, Tufts University

Managing Large-Scale Library Digitization Projects Via the Cloud

Timothy Logan, Baylor University
Darryl Stuhr, Baylor University

Mapping Data Curation for New Scholars and Scientists: Expanding the Curriculum for the Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Katherine Akers, Emory University
Lori Jahnke, Emory University
Elliott Shore, Association of Research Libraries
Rachel Frick, Council on Library and Information Resources

The Move Towards Open Standards: Enabling Next Generation Digital Learning

Sandra DeCastro, IMS Global Learning Consortium

Moving from an Institutional Repository to a Current Research Information System: The Why & How

David T. Palmer, University of Hong Kong

Not Your Grandfather’s Web Any More

Kris Carpenter Negulescu, Internet Archive
David Rosenthal, Stanford University

Not Another Cross-Search Tool: The Digital Commons Network

Jean-Gabriel Bankier, bepress

Personal Archiving and Scholarly Workflow: An Exploratory Study of Pennsylvania State University Faculty

Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Pennsylvania State University

Providing Library Course Reserves Solely in the Context of Blackboard While Leveraging the Summon API

Paul Joseph, University of British Columbia

Publication and Research Roles for Libraries Using Spectral Imaging Data

Todd Grappone, University of California, Los Angeles
Stephen Davison, University of California, Los Angeles

RDF: Resource Description Failures and Linked Data Letdowns

Robert Sanderson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Research Data Management Services in Germany: Funding Activities of the German Research Foundation

Klaus Tochtermann, ZBW Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
Peter Schirmbacher, Humboldt University of Berlin

Research Impact: The State of the Art and Implications for Networked Infrastructure

Neil Jacobs, Jisc

Rights, Research, Results: The Copyright Review Management System

Melissa Levine, University of Michigan
Richard C. Adler, University of Michigan

Scholarly Communication: New Models for Digital Scholarship Workflows

Stephen M. Griffin, University of Pittsburgh

SIPX: Online Copyright Management, Distribution, and Analytics

Franny Lee, SIPX, Inc.

Strategies for Fostering a Culture of Open Access: Reports from the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions

Martin Halbert, University of North Texas
Michael Boock, Oregon State University
Deborah Ludwig, University of Kansas
Diane Geraci, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
James Mullins, Purdue University

Student Use of Digital Resources for Learning: Results and Implications from a National Study

Glenda Morgan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chuck Dziuban, University of Central Florida
Joshua Morrill, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Taking Scholarly Note-taking to the Web

Michael BucklandMichael Buckland, University of California, Berkeley
Ryan Shaw, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A Toolkit for Digital Research

Kaitlin Thaney, Digital Science

Two Institutions, Two Perspectives, One Partnership: Evaluation, Collaboration, & Creation of New Services in Digital Scholarship & Publishing

Karen Estlund, University of Oregon
Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, Oregon State University

Update on NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative

Nettie Lagace, National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
David Lindahl, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S+R
Oren Beit-Arie, Ex Libris Group

Using the Amazon Cloud to Host Digital Scholarship Projects

Stewart Varner, Emory University
Jay Varner, Emory University

ZSRx: An Information Literacy MOOC

Kyle Denlinger, Wake Forest University
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